*Grand Prize, Stolen Dreams Short Film Competition, AARP/UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
*Wendell Franklin Jury Prize, 14th Annual Directors Guild of America Student Awards
*mtvU Film of the Week
The Cure is about a single mother's struggle after a freak accident puts her son in the hospital. Unfortunately, he has no health care coverage, and the family gets trapped in a medical insurance nightmare.
*Official Submission, GE/Cinelan FOCUS FORWARD Film Competition
Despite the onslaught of violence in the news, we are living in the most peaceful era in our species' existence. What has caused the this turn of events in the recent human past? Psychologist Steven Pinker of Harvard University provides remarkable insights into the history of violence, human nature, and their combined implications for our everyday lives. Pinker argues that the decline of human violence is perhaps the most significant and yet least appreciated development in the history of our species.